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2010 Sixth Grade Football

It sounds as if another of the youth sports has decided to start their own website. There are three youth groups still using Reedsburg Sports Network.

When I started Reedsburg Sports website, I was hoping to have a place where people could come and see what sports are offered in Reedsburg.  I am glad more and more teams/associations have found the benefit of having a website.

Reedsburg Little League and Soccer were the first to break out on their own.  I believe Reedsburg Youth Wrestling has started their own site as they have requested any changes.  It appears as if Reedsburg Youth Football, one of the first groups I put on the website, will now be leaving.

This leaves me with Reedsburg Youth Basketball, Reedsburg Swim Team and Reedsburg Area Hockey Association as the three groups left using Reedsburg Sports for their information.  I hope to keep posting information about as many sports in Reedsburg as I can get people to post articles on.

This upcoming school year, I would like to find parents and/or students to help me post articles on their events.  I would like to say "Thank You" to all those who have visited the website over the years.  If you believe the site is no longer necessary or have ideas on how to improve it, please feel free to send your suggestions to

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